East Brunswick Fire District 2

Bureau of Fire Prevention

216 Joseph Street

East Brunswick, NJ 08816

Phone: (732) 210-4582

For Emergencies Dial: 911

Mission Statement:

The mission of this Bureau is to prescribe and enforce minimum requirements and controls to safeguard life, property, and the public welfare from hazards of fire and explosion arising from the storage, handling or use of substances, materials or devices in the use or occupancy of building, structures, sheds, tents, lots or premises. The Fire Prevention Bureau is responsible for enforcement of the Fire Prevention Code, inspection of buildings and structures for fire hazards and protective equipment, investigation of the causes, origin and circumstances of all fires in the District, and for fire safety education.


What is Fire Prevention?

The primary goal of the Fire Marshal's Office is to prevent fires by assuring that all publicly occupied structures are maintained in accordance with nationally recognized fire safety standards. The Fire Prevention Bureau was established in 1999, to promote fire safety for the residents of Fire Districts 2, Township of East Brunswick. Due to the high increase loss of life, during the 1970’s, and 1980’s, the State of New Jersey adopted The Uniform Fire Codes of New Jersey. These codes help business and homeowners create a safer working and living condition.


Currently the Fire Prevention Bureau consists of two full time and five part-time personnel. The Fire Marshal oversees all inspections of commercial establishments, businesses and multiple dwelling residences within District 2. The Fire Marshal also assists local businesses in the town set up and operates within the guidelines of the New Jersey State Uniform Fire Code. All personnel are fully certified in accordance with New Jersey State requirements and are current or former fire fighters.

An important function of the Fire Marshal’s Office is to respond and investigate all reported fires or explosions occurring within Fire District 2. As trained fire investigators, the Fire Marshal’s Office determines the origin and cause of the fire.

During 2012 the Bureau conducted 3,603 inspections/re-inspections, 506 smoke detector/CO inspections for residents selling their homes, and 18 fire investigations as well as numerous other activities related to fire safety.

On a daily basis the Bureau works closely with the Township’s Code Enforcement and Construction Department Personnel as well as interfacing with fire fighting personnel of the East Brunswick Independent Fire Company, who provide fire protection services to the District.

The Bureau offices are located in the Administrative Offices of the East Brunswick Independent Fire Company, 216 Joseph Street, East Brunswick, New Jersey 08816. Normal office hours are 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM, Monday through Friday and may be contacted by telephone at 732-390-6962 or by facsimile at 732-651-1944. The office is staffed by an Administrative Assistant and part-time secretary.

All Bureau personnel are available to assist with any fire safety questions or information.


Commercial and Business Inspections:

Every commercial building and business in the township must be inspected yearly to ensure that all buildings abide by the Uniform Fire Codes of New Jersey. Some of the more common found violations that are found by the Fire Prevention Bureau are:

• Blocked Fire Exits- All Exit doors must be kept clear at all times.

• Exit lights not illuminated- Exits lights must be light at all times.

• Emergency Lights not working- these lights provide light to the occupants in case of emergency.

• Fire Extinguisher Maintenance- these must be maintained tested yearly, the testing company will place a tag on each extinguisher showing when the last test date was.

• Fire Extinguishers Required- Each business should have at least one fire extinguisher is a 2a 20bc. Please check with the Fire Prevention Bureau for how many is required.

• General house cleaning- Do not let items that can easily catch on fire accumulate.

• Extension cord: These are only permitted for use as a temporary power source, such as plugging in a drill. Extension cords maybe are prohibited as a permanent means of a power source.

There are many more violations that can be cited, Please check with the Bureau if you have any questions.


Private Home Inspection (Sale of a home):

This type of inspection is done before the homeowner sells the house. This type of inspection is mandated by the State of New Jersey. A house cannot be sold or rented without the completion of this inspection. This inspection is to ensure the house has a smoke detector on each level of the house, and a Carbon monoxide detector with in 10 feet of a bedroom on each level. In accordance to the East Brunswick Township ordinance, all residential houses must be numbered. House numbers should be placed on the front of the house, or on the mail box. A certification shall not be issued until all requirements are met. The Fee for this inspection is $50.00. The application is available at the Bureau offices, or downloads from our site.


Truss Construction Signs:

You may see around the town triangular shaped emblems mounted by the front doors of businesses, or on top of street signs. There will be either “R”, an “F”, or an “R/F”, in the center of this triangular sign. This helps the Fire Department identify which structures use this type of construction.


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